"In the heart of every struggle lies an opportunity to grow"

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Photo from the Swedish Newspaper, LT. An interview about Miss World. 500Emilie Dahlst1.5Emilie Dahlst1._DSF4050.8Emilie Dahlst1.DSC01587_edited-315039642_10154293780553645_5190913814668146991_oEmilie Dahlst2.Emilie Dahlst Fashion Photoshoot 2014Emilie Dahlst3.Emilie Dahlst Profile picture 2016Emilie Dahlst4.Emilie Dahlst neck 2016 photoshoot fotografering nacke finalEmilie Dahlst1.Emilie Dahlst Sweden Vegan 2016

Emilie Dahlst1.Emilie Dahlst Catwalk

Emilie Dahlst Urban Expressions Pandora Emilie Dahlst Urban Expressions 2017